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If you would like to delve into the world of Tom Hiddleston fan-fiction…

All of my work so far can be found on An Archive of Our Own. My user-name there is LateStarter58. (link below)

This month’s featured fan-fic: The Mistakes of a Night

Ellie Lawson is a young woman with a successful career as a microbiologist but who is very unhappy personally. She has never recovered from something awful that went wrong one fateful night when she was at Cambridge. Unexpectedly, she gets the chance to confront the person who ruined her life…

http://The Mistakes of a Night

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Last month’s featured fan-fic:

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The Hiddleston Particle

http://The Hiddleston Particle

Previously featured fan-fic:

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You Look Like a Movie:

Inspired by the sublime work of one of my favourite writers the magnificent John Le Carré, and one of his most intriguing characters, this is my story of who Jonathan Pine was before and who he might have been after The Night Manager...

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